Efforts by villagers of Ibrampur to drive away the elephants proved futile on Friday, as the wild tuskers were reportedly in the forests of a nearby hillock. According to available reports, villagers and forest officers tried to drive away the elephants into Maharastra, but the attempt proved futile as the wild tuskers were not able to find their way into Maharashtra and returned to the hillock at Ibrampur.

P. Oppili A film on tigress stalking its prey bags award READY FOR SIESTA: The tigress resting at a cave after a kill at the Bhandavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh. CHENNAI: Chakradhara, a tigress in the Bhandavgarh forests in Madhya Pradesh, has proved lucky for Y. Alphonse Roy, a Chennai-based wildlife cinematographer. It gave him a chance to film its stalking a prey. And the film got him an international award.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Expresso talks to groups of youngsters who are doing their bit for the cause CSSTCN began about 30 years back, when a group of students working to save the endangered Olive Ridley turtles, got together to conduct activities of awareness and conservation on a larger scale. The group tries to get young student volunteers together to fight against technological advances, that have increased the threat to these animals, and made all the seven species of sea turtles critically endangered.

Brutality, man-made disasters cause regular elephant deaths With their habitat shrinking fast, elephants are regularly falling prey to human brutality and man-made disasters. The last few days have been especially tragic for these gentle beasts. After the shooting down of a tusker in Ranipur Jhal area of Hardwar district last Thursday, an elephant and her one-year-old calf were electrocuted near Dimna lake near Jamshedpur on Monday while the decomposed body of another pachyderm was discovered at the Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand.

Panther scare still haunts officials in the ONGC base complex and the general public in the city. The forest officials trap-ped a panther on May 31 on the base complex after trailing it for nearly five days when it was spotted for the first time on May 27 and released it in Maredumilli forests. Some people reportedly noticed the pug marks of a panther and a cub near children's park at Kendriya Vidyala in the ONGC base complex and alerted the ONGC security staff who in turn informed the forest authorities about the development.

Mike Pandey Wildlife film-maker

In the blazing afternoon heat, a group of Van Gujjars listened solemnly as speaker after speaker spoke about the hardship people face when they are displaced from their traditional habitats to make way for special economic zones, special tourism zones, national parks, sanctuaries and dams. The Van Gujjars are a Muslim pastoral community.

This report provides data on the logistics, scope, and economics of the illegal trade in wildlife in Vietnam. It analyses the main reasons for the rapid growth in this trade and highlights key failures in the country's attempts to control it. This report recommends that the government should strengthen the capacity of the agencies responsible for fighting the trade and raise their budgets.

Who are the beneficiaries from participative approaches in conservation - the people or the wildlife. The authors compare two protected areas Amarakaeri Communal Reserve in Peru and Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania and show how in similar institutional settings local interest groups react very differently to the possibility of participation.

Landscape connectivity that allows for wildlife mobility requires governance across a tenurial mosaic of managerial units based on reconciliation of social, economic, and ecological objectives. The proposed Kavango-Zambezi (KAZA) Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCA), which includes Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia, features a spectacular display of mega fauna and a number of tourist attractions such as the Victoria Falls.