Alipurduar, Dec. 7: Four persons had to spend around five hours on the roof of a building last night when around 25 elephants rampaged through a village outside Jaldapara forest.

The marauding animals also damaged a watchtower, food stall and dish antennas of a private resort at Madarihat.

STATING that the future of elephants in the country looked bleak as there are only 800 tuskers left when compared to the 24,200 fe males of its species, putting in jeopardy the reproduction cycle of the pachyderms students of Kendriya Vidya laya, Annanagar impressed upon visitors at an exhibi tion on biodiversity held in the city the need to save In dia's national heritage ani mal.

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The death of a tiger last month, two and a half years after it was brought to Sariska, proves the National Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan is not safe for the big cat. The death also brought to light little action has been taken on the recommendations of the Tiger Task Force, set up in 2005 to look at tiger conservation in the country. That was the year when Sariska lost all its tigers.

The drivers of discord between humans and wild species often lie deeper than the shallow measuring implements of science can reach. We explore the lived experience of conflict between fishing communities and turtles in two very different socio-ecological contexts in the Lakshadweep Islands and the Orissa coast.

As we hurtle headlong into the twenty-first century creating technologies, breathing development, and grabbing land and resources, most of us will readily acknowledge that we may be harming the natural world by our actions and that we must do what we can to correct this. Judging from the enthusiastic

How is it possible for large carnivorous cats to live with humans in a rural area? Asking this big question are Vidya Athreya, a wildlife
biologist and Sunetro Ghosal, a social scientist.

Wildlife is the backbone of tourism in Kenya, one of the leading foreign exchange earners for the country. Although wildlife is declining, poverty among communities hosting this wildlife remains endemic.

The tiger project Nov.

Two incidents of local women being mauled and partially eaten by a tiger in and around the Corbett National Park have thrown the area into panic and left forest officials fearing that a big cat in India

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Palanpur: Nakki lake is one of the biggest attractions for visitors to Mount Abu. Surrounded by green hills, the lake is very popular for its boat rides.