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Commercial farming of wild animals may soon be a reality in this country with the Rajasthan Government's Forest Department initiating steps in the direction of private participation in captive

An international wildlife conservation group, alllied with an unlikely partner, has chosen San Francisco as the site of a pilot project to save the world's tigers. The World Wildlife Fund joined this

The centre is planning to set up a new sanctuary in Palpur area of Morena district in Madhya Pradesh by shifting lions from Gir in neighbouring

Farooq : Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah on Friday alleged that the campaign seeking a ban on the Shahtoosh trade on the grounds that raw material for it is acquired by killing the

The few animals in Kabul zoo which survived the ravages of the Afghan war now face death from hunger and disease. The zoo, a front-line between warring factions from 1992 to 1996, was battered like

If the rampant poaching of the Houbara Bustard, locally known as tiloor, is not curbed quickly, the rare bird may soon become extinct, fear wildlife experts.A team of six researchrs who conducted

A "camera-traps" technique used in a year-longcensus of tigers in Peninsular Malaysia will enable the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) to come up with a more accurate estimate of

A two-member Sindh Wildlife Department team is expected to visit the Qadirpur Gas Field next week to undertake a survey of the area in order to determine the impact of exploration and

Like many other cities, Toronto is a way station for hundreds of species of migrating birds. For reasons that remain a mystery, the bright lights of office towers seem to short-circuit the natural

The term social welfare is all set to get a new definition.It will henceforth include the welfare of animals in addition to that of human beings. At least this is the stance taken by Social Welfare