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The rare 'Himalayan Quail', last sighted in 1876 and believed to be extinct now, might be spotted again in the picturesque Mussoorie hills of Garhwal Himalayas, if recent evidences are any

India , having 30 mammalian species in the endangered list, ranks first in the world among nations with high number of mammalian species in the 'threatened ' category.

More than 700 bat hunters who had assembled in Ayyalur on Tuesday had to go back disappointed when they were prevented by the Forest Department from shooting down the

Hordes of crabs, a common sight in Digha, spell doom for this premier sea side resort in the West Bengal. Continually clawing into the wet sand, the crabs loosen the upper sediment of the beach. The

Salman Khan is not the only man to have posed a threat to the black buck. The species in Bhavnagar district and its surrounding areas, including the National Black Buck Sanctuary, is in danger

Nepal's snow leopard population has been estimated at between 300 to 500. Their potential habitat ranges covers an areas of as much as 30,000 sq km and have been recorded between the altitude of

Unchecked human habitation around the Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan is shooing away the rare birds which visit the world famous sanctuary every year. The population around the forst has

The campaign to declare the three reserve forests of Joypur, Dirak and Upper Dihing as the Joydihing wildlife sanctuary has received a boost with several international and national bodies lending

Politics has collided head-on with ecology and threatens to undo the little good that happened to the famed Western Ghats in Goa. An innovative move to notify two wildlife sanctuaries - Madei and

A division bench of the Bombay high court consisting of Chief Justice M.B. Shah and Mr. Justice S. Radhakrishnan adjourned hearing of a public interest petition seeking the removal of all