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Officials of the forest and food cell of the police department have seized eight wild animals, including a lion, a female leopard and two foxes, after arresting five people for running an

The incident of the disappearance of a monkey from the zoo at Aji Dam came to light after 12 days with the forest department getting strict with the contractor Shabbir Sayed. The incident also

Twenty-five years ago when India launched Project Tiger to protect and conserve the wild animal, the country had barely thousand tigers. Today India has over 3500 and accounts for roughly half of the

The Blackbucks were wiped out from the Delhi ridge more than 50 years back. Of late, the animals have resurfaced, albeit in suspicious circumstances. The Delhi Wildlife Department has seized 12

Meat of wild animals is commonly served at feasts in some areas in Andhra pradesh. Five to seven species of wild animals are served at such dinners. The number of species served for VIP gatherings

A 510-year-old community which swears by non-violence against any living being, now wants weapons to save endangered wildlife from yellow humans. Since a group of filmstars were charged with killing

The Union Minister for Environment and Forests, Mr. Suresh P. Prabhu, Thursday attempted to answer questions about Project Tiger. The project's silver jubilee is being marked by a three-day workshop

The Gujarat State forest department has asked matinee idols Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai to appear before an assistant conservator of forest, East Division, Kutch Circle, who is investigating

A strike force to check poaching in the insurgency-affected, protected forest areas will be set up soon. The proposal has been recently approved by the government. This was announced at the three-day

This is the egg-laying season of the marine turtles. The Hawkesbay and Sands pit beaches provide a suitable environment to the turtles. There are seven turtle species in the world and