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Days after the Union Environment Ministry asked the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah to clamp a total ban on the trade of shartoosh shawls as these were made after killing the

The Wildlife Protection Society of India has received word from the International Crane Foundation in Russia that the lone pair of Siberian Cranes that winters in Keoladeo National Park in India has

Hundreds of rare parrots and monkeys, a Mexican lynx and a mountain lion have been rescued in the breakup of a major exotic wildlife smuggling operation, federal authorities announced

Kashmiri militants, Tibetan antelopes, a non-resident Indian and the ultimate fashion statement does not, at least at first glance, seem to gel. However, and unfortunately, they do and the gelling

Marine mammals and seabirds on the coast of Peru, including endangered penguin species, were devastated in the now-fading El

A Slow-loris, an endangered animal, having nocturnal habits and belonging to the monkey species of the North-east, has been recovered from a poacher in lower Assam's Sonitpur district.The divisional

The world's largest rookery of olive ridley turtles at Gahirmatha in Bhitarkanika sanctuary on the coast of Bay of Bengal has been made safer with the Orissa High Court banning operation of trawlers

Many wildlife species in the north-eastern States-home to the country's largest number of non-human primates --are facing a threat to their survival due to various factors including population

India is among the top 10 countries threatened with high species losses, according to Worldwatch, a leading Washington-based environmental research organisation."When the percentages of threatened

Thousands of hapless animals are sacrificed at the alter of learning every academic year, with animal dissection an intergral part of the science curriculum. But activists, who for years have been