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Thanks to a new initiative, salvation for the elephant and other animals in the Kruger National Park in South Africa may be imminent. A South-African based organisation, the Peace Parks Foundation,

People living in the vicinity of the forests reserved for animals in Rajasthan would be given identity cards from the next month, an official spokesman announced here today. The state boasts of

Traffic International , a network of wildlife trade monitoring group will now concentrate on the illegal trade of medicinal plants, besides tigers and rhinos. Traffic is a joint programme of the

Bishnois : The Punjab state government has issued final notification under Section 4 of the Land Acquisition Act, 1994, for acquiring 53.3 acres of land of Ramasara, Dutaranwali and Shaban Kokrian

The GEMINI Circus began its shows in Bangalore on Wednesday amid strong protests from animal rights activists, who alleged the health of the performing animals was in a bad shape. Four animal welfare

Extensive pollution of rivers and indiscriminate use of gillnets were slowly but steadily pushing dolphins to the brink of extinction in India, according to two experts on dolphins who were here to

The committee for the purpose of control and supervision of animals for experimental purposes plans to ban import of animals for experiment. The committee is attached to the Ministry of Environment

Eleven new species of reptiles and six of amphibians have been spotted and documented for the first time in the Gir forests, the last home of Asiatic lions. These animals after due documentation,

The Clinton Administration will announce plans to remove dozens of once-rare creatures from the government's official 'endangered" list, declaring victory in staving off extinction for such powerful

The sixth World Wilderness Congress (WWC) will be held for the first time in Asia, in Bangalore, between October 24 and 29,