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Forest minister Kanjibhai Patel's announcement that none would be allowed to make night halt at the Kankai mandir in the Gir forest has irked devotees, with some of them theatening self-immolation.

Hundreds of chipmunks, hedgehogs and lizards - believed to have been imported from the mainland illegally - were left to die on a hillside. Only 40 animals were alive in 18 wooden and wire cages when

Top medical scientists are protesting against a set of newly-drafted rules for regulating use of animals in experiments. Scientists say the move will put an end to all bio-medical research in the

The turtles on the 2.4km long beach of Caribbean Coast-the last major untouched nesting ground between Costa Rica and Florida for endangered Atlantic loggerhead and green sea turtles-are the focus of

Grizzly-war alert: Later this month the U.S. government is expected to unveil a plan that could eventually lead to the removal of this Yellowstone area resident from the "threatened" list under the

The alleged killing of black bucks and chinkaras by Salman Khan and his troupe of Bollywood "poachers" may have brought into focus the Bishnoi community's love for nature,but many do not know how

Close on the heels of film star Salman Khan having a brush with law enforcing authorities for violating the Wildlife Protection Act, top Telugu Desam functionaries were facing rough weather for

Evolve plan to protect endangered animals: The Bombay High Court today confirmed the interim bail granted to script writer Salim Khan, father of film star Salman Khan, on October 23, 1998 in a case

WWF : The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has accused Japan of defying international opinion by boosting its catch of whales from recognised sanctuary areas while claiming it was doing so for

Despite his passionate interest to ensure that the dwindling population of sloth bears in the country live in natural bahitat instead of being kept in captivity as dancing bears, the former Union