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While Nepal celebrates 1998 as the year of the tiger, endangered Royal Bengal tigers are reportedly being killed in the country's national parks. Reports of the "disappearance" of a tigress and death

The Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, the only zoo in North Bihar, will now have an enriched collection of animals and rare and exotic brids as a fallout to Mrs Maneka Gandhi's campaign against "cruelty

The Forestry Department has worked out steps to solve the problem of local people encroaching on the Thalayban National Park in this southern province. It was agreed that the department would seek

Perhaps for the first time the Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park in Patna has acquired more than 200 animals at one go, including a lion and a leopard, confiscated from the possession of private zoo

Rajasthan is keen to provide an alternative abode to the lion population of the continent, at present confined to the Gir sanctuary in Gujarat. The Panthera Leo Persica, the Asiatic lion is no

The Union Environemnt Ministry and the Jammu & Kashmir Government have crossed swords over banning illegal trade in wildlife products through the State's borders, thereby leading to virtual

Koalas will be extinct within 10 to 15 years unless urgent action is taken to halt the decline in their numbers, the Australian Koala Foundation has warned.

Despite a ban by the government, illegal bird trade continues at various places in the city. And worse, the species of some of the birds bred in captivity are altered as per the desires of bird

Animals traded in Vietnam include relatively common snakes, pangolins, lizards, birds turtles and civet cats, whose scent glands are used for potions to induce abortions. The volume is enormous.

The usually docile animals of the Kaziranga National park have, after a month-long desperate attempt to flee incessant floods, hunger and killer vehicles, turned violent. In the last two weeks, a