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The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board found the Ganga's water near Lucknow unfit for consumption. Three outlets tested had a paltry oxygen content; toxic effluents offloaded by

WHILE plans are being drawn up across the world to protect endangered tiger species, the Madhya Pradesh government's decision to lift the ban on the collection of tendu leaves from 44 protected

The sustainability of the world's 3rd largest game park - the Dinder Park in Sudan - is being seriously doubted now. Home to over 150 varieties of birds and a large wildlife population,

TIGER census will now be done by shoot- ing the cats - with a camera, of course! Earlier, pug marks counting was the only method. "Camera trapping", as ,he new method is known, lalls for the

BOULDER-sized bison, grizzly bears and the wild horses, the stuff of Western romantic myths, have now been herded together for tourists. Situated high on the Rocky mountains, the United States

DAVID Turner captures Virginia's endangered species in bronze. There is that master of camouflage, the piping plover of the windy beaches and mudflats of America's eastern shore. This is the 3rd of

Political priorities in insurgency-prone Kashmir may well override the apparent vigour of the wildlife officialdom to protect the shahtoosh (Hymalayan goat-antelope). Senior bureaucrats of the union

Jan-Feb 1995 •Preparation for relocation and rehabilitation of the local people from proposed national park area in Kuno with their consent. •Translocation of captured nilgai, sambar

The concern over protecting the Asiatic lion relegated forestdwellers to secondary status in Gir

A nonchalant French government plans to throw open its virgin islands to tourists and game hunters