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The fluid situation at the Centre and the transitory nature of successive Governments has delayed the $67-million World Bank aided eco-development project by almost one year. Even after the Gujral

As fires and drought over the last year have destroyed large swaths of jungle on Borneo, thousands of rare animals, including orangutans, hornbills and sun bears, are being driven from their homes.

Delegates from institutes involved in training wildlife and forestry officials from all over the world have gathered in the Doon Valley for a four day meet on "Networking for curricula and training

Government must take into confidence action groups and NGOs working at the grassroots level before formulation or amendment of policies that have a bearing on natural resource management, a recent

'Ahimsa', an organisation committed to abolition of animal experiments, has urged people all over the country to observe a one-minute silence as a mark of protest against torture of animals in

Mercifully, poaching of tigers for manufacture of Chinese medicines has declined because of the international ban on sale of such medicines, says Tom Mathew of WWF-International. But now a more

The fate of several globally endangered species has been threatened by dwindling grasslands in Assam, which has no natural grassland of any significance worth conservation left, say wild-life

A majority of US biologists are convinced that a "mass extinction" of plants and animals is underway that poses a major threat to humans in the next century, yet most Americans are only dimly aware

The growing incidents of animal poaching by electrocution at the Pench National Park, 116 km off Nagpur in Maharashtra, have left wildlife activists worried. The latest in the series of deaths - that

The Punjab Government will develop a wildlife promotion and preservation project in the forests adjoining Anandpur Sahib on 285 acres for restoring the ecological balance in the region.