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With another 4,000 sea turtles killed at the Gahirmatha rookery this year, it becomes imperative for the scientific community to get its act together.

The Central Zoo Authority (CZA) has threatened to stop providing grants to the Assam State Zoo because of the failure of the State Government to provide the necessary matching grants. According to

Animal protection groups alarmed about the number of gorillas and chimpanzees being killed in the tropical forests of African joined forces on Thursday in an Ape Alliance to fight commerical hunting

There is little evidence of the elections taking place all over the country in Sisai and its adjoining villages in Gumla and Rancho districts, where people are instead grappling with the menace of

the World Wide Fund (wwf for Nature has declared 1998 as the year for the tiger. It has also chalked out plans to counter increasing cases of poaching and illegal trade in major tiger range

A mysterious killer is preying on dolphines along the French Mediterranean coast, where corpses of the marine mammals are washing up at the rate of one a day with identical and inexplicable wounds.

At least 72 tigers and 103 elephants were poached in India last year for their skin, bones and ivory which made its way to Japan, where tiger bone derivatives are legally sold and ivory signature

The leatherback (marine turtles) nesting season begins this March, and it will continue until May. The Caribbean Conservation Corporation (CCC) is presently organizing different ecological groups

A controversial decision, taken in 1982, banning the entry of buffaloes to the prestigious Keoladeo national park here has affected the ecosystem of the park adversely. The ban led to excessive

A young research scholar at Aligarh Muslim University has kicked up a storm among ornithologists with his claim that he has stumbled across the Rothschild parakeet, the world's rarest parrot,