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Feeding carnivores live quarry is a growing attraction in China, where sightseers can watch aligators chomp chicks, lions mangle goats or big snakes swallow rats. But none of the entertainment is as

More than 50,000 sea turtles have been found dead on the Orissa coast in the past two years. This was revealed by a video survey conducted by Project Swarajya, a non-governmental organisation, during

In one of the biggest ever operations to be launched by the wildlife wing of the state forest department, over 100 deer reared in captivity will be set free into the newly-raised green cover of south

A project to translocate the Asiatic lions, which are facing the problem of over-population at the Gir Sanctuary in Gujarat, to the Sita Mata Sanctuary in Rajasthan, is being

Scores of endangered spotted and hog deer from the Kaziranga National Park in Assam are ending up steaming on plates on roadside food stalls closer to the Wildlife sanctuary. The delicacies served in

Seven more species of wild mammals : two bats, four rats and a wolf: have been reported for the first time from the Gir forests. These take the tally of mammals seen in the Gir Protected Area to 39

The World Bak inspection panel which visited the Nagarahole National park last week has promised to report their findings to the Bank within three months. According to a statement issued by tribal

The 430 sq km area of the world famous Kaziranga National Park, submerged by about 18 feet deep flood water, now lie bereft of any wildlife. The national park director, Mr B.S. Bonal, admitted that

Baby green turtles artificially incubated by marine experts headed for the sea - and freedom - yesterday. About 70 turtles were reared by the Agriculture and Fisheries Department after

It was around 11a.m. in the morning that the Forest and Wildlife Department of the Delhi government, acting on a tip-off, raided a jhuggi in Seelampur in east Delhi where 216 rose-ringed parakeets,