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The Southern Right Whale, once on the verge of extinction, is marking a comeback, according to new Zealand scientists. The use of explosive tipped Harpoons almost exterminated many whale species

Alarmed at the increasing poaching of elephants in Orissa, the Union ministry of environment and forests has asked the West Bengal forest department to intensify vigil and intercept smuggled ivory

By 2020, almost half of all mammals and a quarter of all birds in Peninsular Malaysia will face extinction. According to a report entitled Capacity Building and Strengthening of the Protected Areas

Perennial floods, tiger predation and human intervention in Kaziranga National Park have taken off their toll on the rare species of swamp deer, whose population in the recent years has shockingly

Evidence is mounting that deadly bacteria and viruses carried by tourists and scientists are killing off Antarctica's wildlife. At a late-August meeting in Hobart, Tasmania, some 50 Antarctic

The Government has worked out a new strategy to tackle the poaching of elephants in the Nilgiri Biosphere. The new strategy will yield results only if Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala get together at

As many as 544 animals, including 40 rhinos, of the Kaziranga national park in Assam have either been drowned in the floods between June and September or killed by poachers while seeking refuge in

A conservation park for endangered white-flag dolphins in central Hubei province appealed for aid yesterday after floods severely damaged its facilities. Zhang Hong, in charge of the Beinianyuan

Concerned about the decline in tiger population of the country, the ministry of environment and forests started a tiger control room in the capital. The control room is eqipped with Internet facility

The Kaziranga National Park home to the one-horned rhino, may not be opened to all this year. The catastrophic flood, which turned the 433 sq km game park into the lake formation, destroying every