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Forest staff have been denied entry into a large area by irrigation department, patrolling in the area comes to a standstill.The Chief Wildlife Warden of Uttar Pradesh, R.L. Singh, feels that the

Wildlife protection officers of the Delhi government today seized 10 pythons, six sand boas and three cobras and arrested four men who said they had trapped these and otehr snakes from jungle areas

Minimising the environmental damage that new roads cause is generally regarded as a good thing. But to do that, it helps to understand just how roads cause the damage of which they are accused. In

More than twice the number of peregrine falcons considered necessary for the recovery of the species are soaring over North America, leading the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service, to announce a

Growing pressure on habitat and dwindling prey-base in Orissa are threatening the existence of royal Bengal tigers. "The number of tigers in the state has fallen to 194 this year from 226 in 1993,

The Union ministry of environment and forests has a joint secretary and an additional inspector-general of forests to visit the inundated Kaziranga National Park in Assam. The World Wide Fund for

Pay an adoption fee of RM200 and save a nest of endangered turtle's eggs from being consumed. If the proposal sounds appetising, turtle lovers can contact the Sea Turtle Research Unit (Seatru) site

More than 100 spotted deer born in captivity will soon walk into freedom in some of the forests of south Bengal.The State Forest Department has planned to release these deer which have become extinct

Perennial floods, tiger predation and human intervention in Kaziranga national park in Assam have taken their toll on the rare speciess of swamp deer, whose population in the recent years has

The Uttarkhand area of U P is all set to witness a showdown between tribal inhabitants and authorities over three proposed national parks--Nanda Devi, Rajaji and Govind Pashu Vihar--with stiff