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the endangered Asian elephants have a new friend in usa . A proposal to spend up to us $25 million to conserve the asian elephants could go a long way towards saving them from

scientists working on the east African island of Zanzibar have observed that the red colobus monkey ( Procolobus Kirkii ) has added charcoal to its diet, apparently to help it overcome the

Officials in Nepal and India have expressed concern over the trans-boun-dary migration of wild animals. They say the movement of animals is posing a serious threat to the life and property of the

according to Russian scientists who have pioneered a method that uses sniffer dogs to count Siberian tigers, conservationists have overestimated the number of the endangered species. Last year, a

poaching of bison, sambar and spotted deer in Nagarahole National Park, Mysore, has come to light following the arrest of two tribals. The racket has been busted close on the heels of the seizure

prominent wildlife scientist, Ulhas Karanth, recently called for a new tiger count system. Karanth's suggestions include a range of new and simpler techniques of counting tigers which he said

SIBERIAN rivers have turned into poisonous streams carrying large amounts of toxic chemicals into the Arctic Ocean, harming wildlife in the region. According to the findings of State of

Environmentalists and citizens fear that the largescale cutting of hills in the surrounding areas of Guwahati may lead to the extinction of wildlife population in urban areas. Guwahati has the

The latest furore in South Africa is over the Cloudy Creek or Rietspruit wetland on the south bank of the Vaal river. The Sasol Chemical Industries wants to strip mine the area for coal as

A savage territorial has been sparked off between chimpanzees in the tropical forests of this central African country. Apparently, logging in Gabon's forested area, is responsible for