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The State Government's proposal to set up 11 wildlife sanctuaries at different locations has run into trouble. Over two lakh tribals, whose homes are being threatened by the project, are putting up a

Hunting of endangered species is legally allowed in Jammu and Kashmir as a royal sport, even after the monarchy came to an end there 50 years ago. The Wildlife Act of Jammu and Kashmir "licenses"

Pere David's Macaque, a large monkey found only in China, has been spotted in Arunachal Pradesh, according to noted environmentalist, Dr Anwaruddin

Wolves and lynxes are returning to the Italian Alps in large numbers after an absence of more than a century, according to the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps.

Hunters in the northern prefecture of Hokkaido should stop using shotgun shells containing lead pellets because predatory birds in the region are dying of lead poisoning, according to the Hokkaido

India's biomedical research community is upset over the controversial guidelines for using animals in research framed by a committee headed by Ms Maneka Gandhi, animal activist and union welfare

The Ministry of Finance in China has decided to offer Deqin County, home of the Yunnan snub nosed monkey, an additional 3 million yuan each year to protect these endangered monkeys with human-like

Nature lovers got together in Jaipur the other day to give a serious thought on how to market conservation. Without getting into the usual debate of how desirable it is to promote tourism in wildlife

Pu Yunchang 50, who used to be a crack elephant hunter of the ethnic Jino people, is now head of a model village for elephant protection in south western Yunnan Province. Pu's Baihua Village is

Pachyderms employed by the Uttar Pradesh government can now avail of maternity benefits. The state forest department has the for first time sanctioned maternity leave to an elephant, Champa Kali, who