A workshop in Nepal on community forest use brings to the fore environmental gains of the concept

With the 4th un Conference on Women and the ngo Forum on Women (Beijing) round the corner, the New York-based Women's Environment and Development Organisation (wedo) has launched the 180 Days/180

Hill women, long deprived of any economic rights, have found their independent, confident voice in activities spurred by a welfare group

The Indian perspective on women and health could do with a healthy overhaul

Rural women manage the family and the field, yet most development programmes target just the male farmer

A furore over the ethics of the new eugenics reproduction technologies that could create 'designer' babies has the medical community worldwide in a fix.

ON NOVEMBER 7, residents of Vivekanandapally in Calcutta staved off yet another attempt by a group of real estate developers, which has been trying to fill up a shallow 0.134 hectare lake in the area

GERMAN scientists say an understanding of car crashes could help childbirth specialists tell if a woman needs a Caesarean section (International Business Week, No 3327-657). The team of

* PATENT wars are heating up. British drug manufacturer Glaxo has won one patents case against a Canadian manufacturer, but faces a second against another. Both claim Glaxo's products -- stable and

A recent hypothesis contends that menstruation protects women against various uterine infections.