The purpose of this brief is to highlight the close inter-linkages between climate change and the world of work. It aims to promote a better understanding between both spheres and greater coherence between climate, social and labour policies.

This paper attempts to identify and examine labor intensive industries in the organized manufacturing sector in India in order to understand their employment generation potential.

Based on fieldwork in the Tiruppur garment manufacturing cluster in Tamil Nadu, this paper focuses on the ways in which ethical corporate regulations are shaped by and constitutive of power relations and inequalities in the global market.

Sangeetha Neeraja

THE life of a quarry worker is hardly an enviable one, consisting, as it does, of hours of hard grinding labour under the scorching sun. And the election season has only made things worse for them.

Healthcare and Nutrition Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, said an unprecedented anti-malaria campaign was underway in Sri Lanka. He said affected countries, NGOs, donor governments, researchers and international agencies were joining hands to control and eventually eradicate this scourge from the globe.

labour welfare ignored: The Supreme Court has issued notices to the Centre and state governments of Haryana and Delhi on a public interest petition seeking welfare measures for mine and construction workers. The petition filed by non-profit People

A wage settlement was recently signed between United Limited Mine Workers Union (UMWU) and the management of Chowgule and Company Ltd, to offer better benefits to its workers.
The wage settlement is for company


In India, the ILO report says, casual workers earn 45 per cent less than regular workers.

There has been considerable debate in India about the impact of growth on employment especially in the organised manufacturing sector for different periods since the early 1980s. However, changes in the coverage of the Annual Survey of Industries demand a fresh look at the issue over a longer period. This paper attempts such an analysis for 1981-82 to 2004-05.