Local people of Kerala upset over being sermonised on hygiene

The World Bank (wb) has cleared the construction of a 1,045-kilometre oil pipeline from Chad in central Africa to Cameroon's Atlantic coast. The move flies in the face of environmental concerns

a recent World Bank (WB) study has

Will the song of the sarus be heard when the wetlands of Uttar Pradesh are drained?

The deadlock in the construction of Syedabad water treatment plant in Dhaka, the capital

the World Bank ( wb ) has decided to stop investing in common effluent treatment plants ( cetp s) in Gujarat. Instead, it will assist in adoption of cleaner production technologies that

civil society in India associates the World Bank with economic growth infrastructure, and fiscal stabilisation. This book to some extent confirms this perception. It argues that economic growth

the World Bank along with Conser

THE World Bank has sanctioned a $11.54-million biodiversity and natural resource management programme in Turkey. The Global Environment Facility is contributing a $8.2 million equivalent grant

The final notification of the Great Himalayan National Park has jeopardised the livelihood of a tribe of migratory pastoralists. It has also cornered people of 130 villages in their own land on the name of biodiversity conservation