Japan is likely to lift the ban on import of Indian mangoes after India successfully conducted vapour heat treatment to eliminate beetles present in the fruits, said S M Acharya, joint secretary in

hydrological data, currently scarce in India, is expected to get a boost soon. A World Bank (wb) -funded project has set up several Hydrology Information System (his) centres in the

A proposed power generation project in Laos has become the target of environmentalists ire

according to a World Bank ( wb) report, growth in India has come at the cost of the environment. "The fast-paced growth has not only been unevenly distributed, but has come at the expense of

Critics question the degree of democracy and transparency involved in the Global Environment Facility’s horsetrading of power between the North and the South

The GEF (Global Environmental Facility) operates under the framework of conventions and rules established by a governing council consisting of 32 country representatives

Economic development has been the watchword in India’s march onto the 21st century. But the country is paying an enormous price for this much-hyped onward march, which has brought in its wake ecological devastation and numerous health problems, says an

Are B&H s dose response data appropriate to India?

The study ignores areas like exposure to toxic pollution

In Delhi, excess air pollution kills 7,500 people prematurely every year