The World Bank and other global development lenders like the Asian Development Bank must help countries such as India to finance the shift of their coal production to more efficient technologies so

Amid the World Bank report claiming air pollution in 2013 led to 1.4 million deaths, experts from 17 institutions put forward 10 solutions to "breathable air" in Indian cities, urging the launch of

The spread of superbugs that are resistant to all known drug treatments could spark a global financial crisis on the level of the 2008 meltdown or worse, a World Bank-led study warned on Monday.

State disaster management director Suhas Diwase said Maharashtra is among the six states in the coastal area that has been selected for the programme.

Deaths caused by air pollution cost Bangladesh economy nearly $2.6 billion in foregone labour output in 2013, which accounts for 0.58% of its GDP, says a new World Bank Report

India lost 1.4 million lives to air pollution in 2013, while in China the toll was 1.6 million, estimates a World Bank report released on Thursday.

Sri Lanka and the World Bank today signed three loan agreements amounting to US$ 187 million for three projects to advance disaster recovery efforts, to protect Sri Lanka's eco systems and for grow

In December 2015, plantation company PT Bumi Mekar Hijau was acquitted in a civil suit the government had filed against it for letting fires ravage its land in 2014.

Indonesia's Disaster Agency said it is confident the country's forest fires and haze of toxic smoke they send over Southeast Asia are unlikely to reach levels seen in 2015 because of favorable weat

Research predicts African children will account for 43% of global poverty by 2030, although absolute number of poor will fall