The world passed a threshold “of symbolic and scientific significance” last month, with carbon dioxide levels exceeding 400 parts per million in the northern hemisphere for the first time in human

Australia remains on El Nino watch on expectations the weather pattern that brings drought to the Asia-Pacific region and heavier-than-usual rains to South America will probably develop by August.

El Nino events can have a significant impact on the yields of certain major food crops, a study has shown.

Pune : The consensus outlook for the summer monsoon season (June-September), developed in the fifth session of the South Asian Climate Outlook Forum (SASCOF-5), indicates below-normal to normal rai

India and its South Asian neighbours are expected to see below average to average rains this year, a forum of weather experts said on Wednesday, if the El Nino weather pattern gains strength during

A majority of weather forecasting models indicate that an El Nino weather phenomenon may develop around the middle of the year, but it is too early to assess its likely strength, the U.N.

Global warming poses a growing threat to the health, economic prospects, and food and water sources of billions of people, top scientists said in a report that urges swift action to counter the eff

New Delhi: Just a week ahead of the release of a crucial report of a UN panel on impact of climate change on food, water and other resources, the World Meteorological Organization has set the tone.

There has been no reverse in the trend of global warming and there is still consistent evidence for man-made climate change, the head of the U.N.

This WMO Statement on the Status of the Global Climate in 2013 provides a snapshot of global and regional trends in weather and climate over the past year and highlights some of the year’s most significant extreme events.