The provisional statement on the status of the global climate, released by WMO provides the technical information on world’s 10th warmest year, warmest year with La Niña on record, second-lowest Arctic sea ice extent for the year 2011.

Arctic sea ice at its lowest in 2011, says World Meteorological Organization report. The year 2011 has been the 10th warmest year on record in spite of a strong La Nina, which has a relatively cooling influence. In the event of a La Nina, the sea surface temperature is lower than usual in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Also, in 2011, the extent of the Arctic sea ice was the second lowest on record, and its volume was the lowest, revealed a provisional statement by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday large emitters of greenhouse gases among rapidly-growing economies such as China, India and Brazil must agree to cut their emissions.

As officials meet at the 17th UN Climate Summit in Durban, South Africa, the world continues to heat up.

La Nina, a weather phenomenon usually linked to heavy rains and flooding in the Asia-Pacific and South America and drought in Africa, has re-emerged and is likely to persist into early 2012, the Wo

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Arctic sea ice this summer melted to a record low extent or will come a close second, two different research institutes said on Tuesday, confirming a trend which could yield an ice-free summer with

La Nina, a weather phenomenon typically linked to flooding in the Asia-Pacific, African drought and a more intense hurricane season over the Atlantic, could occur in a weak form this year, the Worl

The United States has provided a Flash Flood Guidance System to Pakistan.