The central government is reviewing a multi-crore proposal for the conservation of Kashmir

India will spend more than $290 million cleaning up two iconic lakes in Indian-held Kashmir (IHK), which have been polluted during decades of neglect and a separatist revolt, India

Pandit Kalhan's 12th century text, the 'Rajatarangini' (composed around 1148-1150 AD), which chronicles the history of Kashmir, describes a well conceived and maintained irrigation system. One of the most notable names recorded in the 'Rajatarangini' is Suyya. He is credited with "draining the water of the Vitasta River and controlling it by constructing a stone dam, and clearing its bed."

status: Five per cent of the state's forests are degrading every year potential: Regeneration of the degraded forests can create 120 million humandays of employment strategy: Open up the

Kashmir s economy is nothing but a sensitive and organised use of its ecology. After 15 years of living under the shadow of the gun, finally, when hope is making a comeback in the state, Kashmir will have to turn to its immense environmental resources to

the Jammu and Kashmir government launched a major eviction drive to remove encroachments from the catchment area of Wullar lake in Baramulla district. A vast piece of land was cleared in Magnipora

Kashmir’s dying lakes are choking their dependants

Militancy s most distressing casualties

Arouse people s interest in governance