President Edgar Lungu has expressed disappointment at the extent to which the illegal mukula tree trade has increased.

Zambia and Ethiopia have signed two agreements in the fields of communication, water resource management and one Memorandum of Understating (MOU) between Zambia Chamber of commerce and Industry and

LUSAKA deputy mayor Chilando Chitangala says all mobile phone owners in Lusaka will be required to pay a fee towards garbage collection exercises through monthly deductions to improve health and sa

The Zambia Environmental Management Agency has issued two separate Compliance and Environmental Restoration Orders to Konkola Copper Mines to address various environmental issues by end of this mon

ONE hundred and fifty houses have collapsed in Keembe Constituency in Chibombo, Central Province, following heavy rain experienced in the past two weeks.

Zambia has called for increased international cooperation to achieve sustainable transportation at national and regional level.

A drug given to pregnant women to combat malaria also offers protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and boosting doses of the 'double protection' treatment cuts the risk of infa

The Lusaka Magistrate Court has convicted Sabstic Industries Company for discharging a pollutant into the environment without an Emission License contrary to the compliance order.

Government says it will soon introduce the media awareness campaign programme in order to sensitize and educate the Zambian people on the importance of garbage disposal.

The need for energy security and climate change mitigation have increased blending mandates worldwide; in Southern Africa, demand for biofuels could increase following South Africa’s planned blending mandates. However, land constraints limit local industry expansion, with demand likely to be met in land-abundant countries.