Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding mining waste disposal, Goa, 19/08/2014

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Principal Bench, New Delhi) in the matter of Goa Paryavaran Savrakshan Sangharsh Samitee Vs M/s. H.L. Nathurmal & Others dated 19/08/2014 regarding mining waste disposal. The Applicant has stated before the Tribunal that on visiting the mining premises of M/s. H.L. Nathurmal (Respondent No. 1) for the purpose of verifying the statement made by M/s. H.L. Nathurmal in respect of working of the mine and segregation of commercial valuable mineral components of the overburden generated as a result of the mining of iron ore he found that no water from the entire mining area is allowed to spillover but is harvested at the same place by means of trenches/garland drains constructed at foot of stacks and nothing that is excavated from the mine is wasted. However, he brings to our notice that there exists exhausted pit measuring approximately 1.5 hectares which remains to be closed as per the closure procedure prescribed in a mining plan.