Satellites equipped with sensores and cameras record the electromagnetic energy emitted by objects on the earth and transmits the data to receiving stations. From a distance of 750 km they can recognise a 10 meter object on the ground.

Remote sensing can be used for a wide range of applications, from mapping cities to spotting shoals of fish.

Remote sensing can cut costs dramatically in certain applications.

Merely providing schools is not enough to educate the more than 197.34 million illiterate women in India. Far too often, girls have to drop out of school to help their overworked mothers. But female literacy is crucial to a nation"s development and ensuri

The Budakattu Krishikara Sangha, with its emphasis on people oriented strategies, has improved tremendously the lot of the tribals in and around Honsur taluka.

Concerned residents of the city have formed groups to ensure the municipal authorities take care to keep the city clean, green and functioning.

Neelamma, a Jainu Kuruba of Neralakuppe B , was the first president of the Girijan Vanvasi Mahila Sangha GVMS . Today, though no longer the president, she continues to work to help improve the lives of tribal women.

Controversy has dogged the Konkan railway project since its inception. Today, many influential Goans are up in arms against the present alignment of the track, which, they allege, would wreck the state"s environment. Railway officials, of course, disagree

Gramashrama, a children based organisation in Karnataka, is trying to understand the causes of migration and prevent the exodus of youngsters from villages to cities.

Matanhy Saldanha has been associated with every major environmental campaign launched in independent Goa.