In the wake of the Pinatubo explosions is the long term threat to settlements posed by lahars "rivers" of volcanic sediment and rain.

Urban waste will cease to be a problem if it is treated as a resource rather than refuse from consumption, which requires disposal.

Volcanic activity in the Zambales range, of which Mount Pinatubo is a part, started 7 million years ago and Pinatubo itself has been active for 1.1 million years. Pinatubo last erupted about 400 years ago.

Kumarappa was a close associate of Gandhiji and a firm believer in the theory the village must be made the focus of economic planning. Aware of the dangers of unchecked industrialisation, Kumarappa advocated that human beings should collaborate with natur

At Gandhiji's suggestion, Kumarappa undertook a survey of an area in Gujarat that was once most prosperous but had become prey to poverty and famine.

On the virtues of a natural life If we have to utilise as food the nutritious elements found in nature, we may get gur from palm trees that grow wild on uncultivable lands and obtain the whole

The government"s plans for boosting horticulture to earn foreign exchange do not take into account the hidden costs of deforestation, fertiliser and pesticide use and heavy water consumption. Keeping in mind this and the fact that the poor can seldom affo

A doctor whose aim once was to treat poor patients, now helps Soliga tribals to assert their rights and choose their own way of development.

GEOGRAPHICAL SPREAD Areas earmarked in the Five-Year Plans  Mango Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Gujarat,

H Sudarshan is hailed by the Soligas as their messiah. A doctor who nearly became a monk, he told Down To Earth how he came to work with them. Excerpts from an interview: