GEOGRAPHICAL SPREAD Areas earmarked in the Five-Year Plans  Mango Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Gujarat,

H Sudarshan is hailed by the Soligas as their messiah. A doctor who nearly became a monk, he told Down To Earth how he came to work with them. Excerpts from an interview:

PAMPERING APPLES Subsidies for apple growers in Himachal Pradesh, 1985-86 to 1990-91. Rs (in crores) HORTICULTURE DEPARTMENT  

Butterflies, a non government organisation, is helping street children to organise themselves and operate a restaurant in the Capital's main bus terminus.

CRATES for one hectare of tomatoes, which is grown as an off-season crop in Himachal Pradesh, require wood from 10 ha of chir pine forest, says R V Singh, former director general of the Indian

BANANAS are thirsty plants, and farmers in the Jalgaon area of Maharashtra -- who produce 10,00,000 tonnes of the state"s annual banana output of 17,00,000 tonnes -- have literally begun mining for

FARMERS in the orange-growing regions of Warud and Morshi in Amravati district of Maharashtra refer to the area as "the California of Vidarbha." According to the directorate of horticulture, of the

Involving the community in slum improvement has worked successfully in the Philippines and Mexico. Hidebound bureaucrats in the Third World, who insist they know best, should learn a lesson from these experiments.

Money Buys Least When Bureaucrats Spend It

Tax reforms, which would penalise the unlimited use of nature, are fast becoming an imperative part of preparing national budgets, prodded by the realisation that ecological costs have to be accounted for, here and now. But will Manmohan Singh pay heed to