Global environmental concerns throw open the South to Northern intervention, whereas the South has limited interest in intervening in Northern affairs. After Rio, the South finds all the cards stacked against it.

A determined group of youngsters in Shaheed Nagar who started a weekly newspaper find their objectives are slowly being realised.

Proposals to give the South more funds for sustainable development and as compensation for environment damage remain unfulfilled. The North, hit by recession, now wants to administer the funds.

Narasimharaju's dream of providing inexpensive cement for rural use will come true when his plant starts production later this year.

Down To Earth acquired a confidential letter from British prime minister John Major to German chancellor Helmut Kohl and it gives an indication of the mind set of Northern leaders on global issues. Major calls for ratification of the climate convention, b

New instruction methods have resulted in efficient primary schools in rural Andhra Pradesh, posing a challenge to the approaches adopted by the government.

The South must seriously negotiate for its rightful share of the atmosphere.

After a high in Rio, the South is beginning to wonder who is the keeper of the world's genetic resources?

Quiet efforts are under way to frame a forest convention that the South had opposed in Rio.

There are several reasons why the UN finds itself bereft of power today. Part of the crisis results from the cash-strapped organisation"s own weakness. Another significant factor is the increasing influence of the World Bank, IMF and GATT on global econom