Controversy has dogged the Konkan railway project since its inception. Today, many influential Goans are up in arms against the present alignment of the track, which, they allege, would wreck the state"s environment. Railway officials, of course, disagree

Gramashrama, a children based organisation in Karnataka, is trying to understand the causes of migration and prevent the exodus of youngsters from villages to cities.

Matanhy Saldanha has been associated with every major environmental campaign launched in independent Goa.

Dinesh studied upto standard two and then quit, He grazes cattle and prepares food for his father who is a stone cutter. Dinesh also looks after his younger brother and makes sure he does not fall into a welt. His mother is a farm labourer. In Marc

Ecological factors • The present alignment passes through densely populated and cultivated coastal land. • The alternative alignment also passes through forest areas. • Trains

In its judgement on a writ petition challenging the Konkan Railway Project, the Panaji High Court ruled that the railways did not need to get an environmental clearance for the project.

• Total length of the Konkan railway : 760 km • Cost (at 1991-92 prices) : Rs 1,391 crore • Completion date : October 1994 • Length in Goa : 106 km • Number of

Environmental degradation, changing land use patterns and poor administrative planning is resulting in the destruction of a unique agro system in Goa.

Mud"s low cost and malleability makes it an ideal building material. But its use can be popularised only if such drawbacks as its susceptibility to moisture is overcome and misconceptions about mud housing are cleared.

Sugarcane farmers in rural Karnataka are making jaggery using an efficient and smoke free stove designed and promoted by a school headmaster.