The Chilika Development Authority formed in January this year is yet to formulate management plans for the wetland.

Thirty five years ago, a renowned British biologist branded England "a criminal state" and migrated to India. Today, in the year of his birth centenary, J B S Haldane is remembered as a scientist who could develop a complex quantitative theory of evolutio

Mexico can't sell its "dolphin unfriendly" tuna to USA. Japan faces punishment for exporting jewellery made of hawksbill sea turtle shell. Malaysia is penalised for exporting rainforest wood. All over the world, green trade wars are raging. But trade ban

Gandruk, a small Nepali village on a popular trekking route, will be visited by more than 80,000 tourists before the year ends. But an unusual conservation project makes sure the ecology of the area is protected

Does global intervention make for better environmental management? Not necessarily. The ban on international ivory trade to protect the African elephant is a case in point

Hemanta R Mishra, 47, executive director and member of the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation, on his experiences as a conservationist

Japan, once described as an ecological outlaw in a civilised world, faced punishment in March 1991 for its role in endangering the hawksbill sea turtle. The US administration threatened to restrict

For 45 years, a school in Kausani has been inculcating ecological consciousness in hill women

Norway, Iceland and Japan have all faced pressures and threats of green embargoes over their demand for whaling quotas. These countries want the right to harvest whales "scientifically",

Opposition to US beef imports began in Europe a few years after health conscious European consumers discovered US beef was hormone treated. When this issue was raised in GATT, the US argued there