With a backdrop of the snow-capped Himalayas stretched out across a vibrant blue sky, it is hard to dispute the sign as you enter Komik that declares it to be the world’s highest village with a roa

Faced with climate change, uncertain markets and government policies they see as unhelpful, many farmers feel ill-equipped to decide how much of which crop to plant and when

Using Landsat data at decadal interval (1980-2013), the glacier fluctuations (glacier area, equilibrium line altitude and specific mass balance) of nine benchmark glaciers in Kashmir Himalaya was estimated. The observed changes were related with topographic and climatic variables in order to understand their influence. From the data analysis, it was observed that the glaciers have shrunk by 17%, ELA has shifted upwards (80-300 m), and SMB shows variation in glacier mass loss from -0.77 to -0.16 m.w.e.

The "Lucifer heat wave" scorched most parts of Europe in the past two weeks leaving a trail of havoc of death and damages to crIps and property.

River flood risks are expected to rise as climate change intensifies the global hydrological cycle and more people live in floodplains. Changing risk may be revealed by trends in flood frequency, magnitude, or seasonality, as well as by shifts in the mechanisms that generate inundations. However, detection and attribution of climate signals in flood records is often hampered by brief, incomplete, or poor-quality flood data. Additionally, it can be difficult to disentangle the effects of changing climate, land cover, channel morphology, and human activities.