We hear about climate change in news every day. But what exactly is this phenomenon that causes floods, storms and heat waves across the globe, and what can we do to counter its impact? “How much do we know about climate change?” will tell you all that, and more. The book talks about the history of climate change, explains the science behind it and discusses its sociological implications. You can also test your understanding with more than 80 objective-type questions and answers on what is said to be the biggest challenge of our times.

Climate change is dictating the fate of our planet. Record temperatures, melting ice sheets and glaciers, sea level rise, emergence of new diseases and the increasing frequency of extreme weather events like cyclones, floods and droughts have become the new normal. Climate Change Reader for Universities breaks down the science, impacts, politics and sustainable pathways from innumerable scientific studies and reports using infographics, case studies and lectures.

Climate Scorecard’s Global Spotlight Report looks at the ways in which leading  greenhouse gas emitting countries collect climate change data. A strong climate change data collection and information system should contain data that  is timely, reliable, consistent, comprehensive, and transparent.

A report by experts from 27 national science academies has set out the widespread damage global heating is already causing to people’s health and the increasingly serious impacts expected in future.

Various spiritual leaders and Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi shall join an initiative for environment protection on June 5, marked as the World Environment Day, an official said on Monday.