The year saw the last of the COVID pandemic-delayed milestones completed. Countries adopted major decisions to improve global chemicals management and protect marine life in international waters. But most of the year was about making all these rules work.

With the Himalayas to the north and the Bay of Bengal to the south, Bangladesh sits on one of the world’s largest and most densely populated deltas, where the Jamuna, Padma and Meghna rivers converge.

The document collection focuses on the concept of blended finance for climate investments, emphasizing the need for innovative financial mechanisms to address climate change.

As climate change intensifies, the danger posed by heatwaves is increasing every year. In 2015, thousands were killed in India and Pakistan, and in 2022, the death toll reached tens of thousands in Europe. Despite this, heatwaves often receive limited attention from humanitarians, emergency response agencies, and policymakers at large.

This paper evaluates the additional spending needed to meet core targets of selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while accounting for the associated cost to address climate risks. The SDGs under study are those related to human and physical capital development.