Disk quest

THE ASIAN Haalth Environmental and Allied Databases (AHEAD) - a New Delhi- Mdemonwrtional consortium has planned the commercial release of three database series on Asian environment, health and natural resources, kDqpdmwd every six months.

The first batch of CD-ROM disks would contain 600 megabytes of bibilo fal taxt documents, bibliographic directories and factual infor kel data and graphics. A powerful in-built search software Comes with every AHEAD compact disk.

Disk D1, titled "Envirminent Asia". and containing information on environmental has already bagged' L K ow4mises full text databases on cc wow and solid wastes, water supp F sid hygiene education and commun phk databases on water supply and sanitation.

Disk D2 which is titled 'Wealth Asia, contains infcted rAftal products, and has bagged n buillen raw material resources. It als I WAretwe on medicinal and aromatic plants.

The third disk D3 titled "Health Asia", will cover tris md loWns and occupational safety am bw a diseases. Full text infori k4 besides bibliographic databases.