Spinning with ease

Researchers at the Magan Sangrahalaya in Wardha, Maharashtra, have designed an efficient charkha (spinning wheel). This three-spindle spinning machine is simple, light and reasonably priced. A team led by expert Narayanarao Khallarkar is working further to improve the technique and management of decentralised spinning and weaving system. The traditional charkha has a capacity to produce nearly four hanks of yarn of 10-15 count. The designers have fitted gears in the old charkha and increased the number of spindles to three. It produces uniform yarn. The new device works on the indigenous short staple vari-eties of cotton, which are grown with less inputs and water. The three-spindle charkha that costs around Rs 2,000 is expected to replace the traditional charkha and help the spinners to produce yarn economically.