The Third World feels that the move by the industrialised countries to link ADB's lending policies to social objectives may hamper growth in Asia

After a gap of more than 30 years, Santhal tribals recently invoked an age old practice of meting out punishment to a sex offender

On May 12, women activists protesting the commercial launch of the controversial contraceptive, Depo Provera, stormed a press conference held in the Capital by Max Pharma, the company launching the

Two new tests allow a faster and more accurate detection of tuberculosis and hepatitis B than possible earlier

Using automobile batteries both Indian and foreign, Clandestine lead smelting units near the Delhi border have played havoc with the health of villagers

The International Conference on Population and Development is doing more than just providing lip service to the cause of women

The variety of institutions are responding to the demands of environmental education made imperative by a generation familiar with eco degradation

A 25-year-old dispute over sharing of the Yamuna waters has at last been settled with Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi signing an agreement on March 12 -- reached after

A technology for preserving food relies on creating a hostile environment for bacteria and fungi in whose presence food goes bad

Lax regulations, lower wages and higher prices of secondary lead are reason enough for the setting up of lead battery recycling units in developing countries