TOBACCO-exporting nations flayed a new US legislation on prohibiting the use of more than 25 per cent imported tobacco by US cigarette manufacturers, even as three leading aerospace companies accused

US President Bill Clinton has proposed an ambitious and complex programme to lower federal expenditure on health care and revamp the existing system.

All our energy needs could be met if even a fraction of the solar energy received on the earth could be converted into electricity, and the means to exploit this potential is provided by semiconductors.

Following economic liberalisation, India's largest power equipment manufacturer BHEL is diversifying and exploring renewable energy technologies in order to meet the stiff competition it faces from multinationals.

Using microorganisms to treat pollutants is a cheap eco friendly way of disposing waste, which is fast catching on.

Tribals displaced by the Salandi river dam in Orissa are encroaching on the Hadgarh sanctuary, allegedly at the instigation of the Socialist Unity Centre of India and with the help of forest department employees.

A US appeals court ruled it could forward the North American Free Trade Agreement to Congress without an environmental impact statement.

Handicapped children are being helped to overcome their disabilities through special programmes and innovative schemes such as art.

Several BHEL plants have secured ISO 9000 certification, which is a precondition for exports to Europe.

Seeds of nuts used by Andhra tribals to purify water yields a substance that can be used to remove toxic metals from industrial waste.