Researchers at the National Cancer Centre Research Institute, Tokyo, and the Chiba University School of Medicine in Japan, have made a significant discovery which may help correct genetic disorders

Sweating it out in daily traffic jams is worth the trouble if that saves Egypt's national treasure and the only surviving wonder of the world - the 4,500-year-old Giza pyramids; Cairo's

Folk remedies, which for long used moulds and fungi for patching up wounds, have been discovered to have a scientific basis. Researchers at the British Textile Technology Group in Manchester hope to

Asphyxiated Dhaka dwellers in Bangla" are hoping for a breather from air pollution. In response to a petition filed by a citizen in March-end, the Bangladesh government was issued a Hijb Court

Sri Lankans im hotting up about an ambitious anti-poverty scheme to be launched in June. Us Samurdhi, about 100,000 families earning below US a month will get a direct income transfer of a little

The 120 tanneries in and around Sialkot, Pakistan, offload an estimated 1. 1 million I polluted water daily. A bulk of it flows into seasos lahs, water courses and agricultural land. Medical

The rain-forests of the Amazon region have once again been set aflame by controversies. This time the fuse has been lit by the "Amazon Charter" - recently finalised by the Fernando Cardoso

Eskom, the state-owned electricity utility n South Africa is proving to a major asset for its government. While the Nelson Vandela administration is izruggling to keep its electorat promise of

It's an Algerian SOS for protecting its energy-rich desert areas from Muslim militant attacks. It has already imposed strict controls on movements within its energy production zones. In a radio

President Carlos Menem of Argentina has thrown up his arms on the issue of the country's new patent law, lambasted both at home and by Washington. The law, which was recently approved by the