When Garhchiroli district collector Subrath Rathod seized a truck illegally transporting teak in Maharashtra last September, an enquiry was held and it showed that illegal timber-felling in eastern

Seeking to regain its political base among the tribals in western Madhya Pradesh, the Bharatiya Janata Party has switched from championing the World Bank-funded Narmada dam -- its policy when it was

Widespread damage to pine forests near Dharmsala in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh has prompted the Chaneta village panchayat to pass a resolution urging the government to halt resin tapping

Scientists fear the Mexican beetle, introduced to counter the adverse effects of a weed, may destroy the sunflower crop.

The total preservation policy has alienated people living in and around national parks and caused much harm to the forests. Experts say effective conservation will not be possible unless this policy is reversed.

WHEN GUJJAR Zahur Hussain got into a trifling argument with a forestry official who was on his way to a temple in the Rajaji National Park, little did he expect what followed. That evening the

RUSSIA has offered to trade its cut-price satellite launch potential for a guaranteed number of launches at international prices. Space agency chief Yuri Koptiev said he would accept a quota

A dry winter followed by the highest temperatures recorded in February in the north Indian plains in the past six decades led to fears in state agricultural departments that rabi crop yields would be

UNION minister of state for science and technology P R Kumaramangalam remains unperturbed about Washington's reported intention to ban permanently the transfer of technology to the Indian Space

Beleaguered as the Capital's authorities are by increasing demand, large scale wastage and heavy, unsustainable subsidies, the need for a more rational water management system assumes urgency.