OXFORD researchers have found children are more likely to inherit asthma and hay fever from mothers than fathers. The gene responsible, found on chromosome 11, is only active when inherited from

Lichens as pollution monitors Pollution Zone I Pollution Zone II Pollution Zone II Pollution Zone II Lecidea

THE PROMULGATION of the Public Liability Insurance Act (PLI) -- to ensure that victims of chemical accidents get quick compensation -- is brewing into a controversy with public sector enterprises

Recent studies indicate increasing pollution may be hampering the atmosphere's inherent cleansing abilty

THE SUPREME Court has exempted the sale of steroid-antihistamine drug combinations for treatment of asthma from a ban until the next hearing in August. In 1981, the Drug Technical Advisory Board had

MOST CITY dwellers are acutely aware of the growing problem of pollution. Now, action against this scourge seems to be heating up. Hyderabad's polluted Hussain Sagar lake may get a new lease of life

ELEPHANTS are fast becoming a law and order problem in some parts of the country. A herd of elephants crossed over from Bihar into the tribal district of Sarguja in MP, attacking villages and

NUCLEAR energy can be good business. And for the ailing West European nuclear industry, the unsafe nuclear reactors of its eastern neighbours has come as a boon. Siemens AG of Germany has announced

Scientists insist bats are a muck maligned bats mammal that in fact plays a crucial role in the propagation of several plant species

When cultivated in gravity free space, crystals have more perfect protien structures that help help in designing better drugs