AN Indian environmentalist recently offered me a five-word analysis of pollution in the Netherlands, which made up in crispness what it lacked in elegance. "Holland," he said, "is drowning in

Akhtar Hameed Khan is one of Asia's foremost social organisers. The Orangi Pilot Proiect, Karachi's outstanding slum development programme, testifies to his innovative approach in empowering ordinary people to transform their environment

A look at this year's award winning documentaries: an educational film on the Silent Valley, a campaign film on the Tehri dam project and a third on a fishing cooperative

PRIME Minister P V Narasimha Rao"s government has taken dramatic steps in less than a year of its existence towards a liberalised regime for the industrial sector. If the new policies

THE last thing you would get to know from the US-based World- watch Institute's State of the World 1992 is the state of America's own environment. Instead, you get an update on the rest of

An excerpt from State of the World 1992

HUMANITY never needed a global social contract more than it does today. With the nations of the world jointly facing a global ecological crisis but sharply divided in economic terms, there never

THIS magazine is not the product of a desire to capture a share of the information market. It is the product of a need that we feel within us, of a desire to fill a critical information gap. In

Communicating and Networking for Change

Thank you for visiting the India Environment Portal. This is a people's portal. It aims to collate and exchange data, research and information from people working in the field, in campaigns, in scientific institutions, in research and in industry on local and global environment developments to build common understanding of issues and allow for southern perspectives to be considered in global policy making.