The high corridors of the nation are abuzz with talk about how much food should be given to the country’s poor as a right. Should it be 25 kg of rice or 35 kg of wheat a month per person at highly subsidized rates?

Describe your findings.

When cells divide, they require specialised proteins called microtubules arranged in an American football-shaped spindle. Microtubules divide DNA in two equal parts by pulling them apart with the help of a special organelle, called centrosome. Egg cells lack this organelle.

Our control over our food and our health requires inventive institutional reordering and new ideas about the way food regulations work.

We are in a critical situation globally. We have economic and ecological crises running at the same time. What do you bring to mainstream politics?


On more robust population studies

Population estimates are currently done through sighting and pug marks. While these are fine to establish the presence of a species, we need to know population demographics in sex ratio, age groups, number of birth and deaths (to understand the viability and health of the population—are there too few young ones or too many males?). This is needed on an all- India scale.

They say you are what you eat. But do we know what we are eating? Do we know who is cooking and serving us the food we take to our kitchens and then into our bodies?

On how the project began


On the genesis of the scheme

Our target is to ensure not a single milk producer in Anand and Khera districts of Gujarat defecates in the open. This is the region where the milk movement began in 1946, where we strive to improve the quality of the milk chain— from keeping cow udders clean to transporting milk.

The Forest Rights Act of 2006—also known as the Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act—came after considerable and bitter opposition from conservation groups.

Vijay Jawandhia is a farmer in Vidarbha, the region which brought home to us the crisis that is compelling farmers to kill themselves.