A National Contingency Action Plan (CAP)for dealing with contingencies arising in the wake of natural disasters has been
formulated by the Government of India and it had been eriodically updated. It facilitates the launching of relief operations without delay. The CAP identifies the initiatives required to be taken by various Central Ministries/Departments in

Conflicts over natural resource access goes back a long way in history ever since national parks became the best insitu method of protecting endangered biodiversity and received legal sanction all over the globe.

The Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation (APMDC) was incorporated in the year 1961 as a wholly owned undertaking of the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Letter to secretary (forests) Govt of Gujarat to Asstt Inspector General of Forests on diversion of 1850 ha (approved area 1840 ha.) of forest land for high purity salt in favour of M/s. Adani Chemicals Ltd., in Kutch Distt., Gujarat dated 13th May 2004.

Letter to secretary (forests) Govt of Gujarat to Asstt Inspector General of Forests on diversion of forest land for Salt Washery and Desalination Plant near Dhrub village in favour of M/s. Adani Chemicals Ltd., in District Kutch, Gujarat dated 13th May 2004.

There is dramatic evidence that various Greenhouse Gases are responsible for Global Warming and climate change. This present study discusses the potential of Organic Agriculture both to avoid and to sequester Greenhouse Gases (GHG), and makes comparisons with conventional agriculture.

Consent granted by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board to M/S the Lake City Corporation Ltd.

Biofuels for transport, including ethanol, biodiesel, and several other liquid and gaseous fuels, have the potential to displace a substantial amount of petroleum around the world over the next few decades, and a clear trend in that direction has begun. This report looks both at recent trends and at the outlook for the future, in terms of potential biofuels production. It also

The coal is one of the extensively utilized minerals in Meghalaya. Though coal deposits in the state is found all along the southern fringe of Shillong plateau, Jaintial Hills District is a major producer of coal.

The main question to be examined in these matters is whether the