The main aim of this study are: to identify, map and determine the extent of vegetation cover and its condition in the coal mined and unmined areas; to find relationship between spatial distribution of vegetation including its condition and mining; and to assess the impact of coal mining on vegetation and to provide evidence for the hypothesis that mining influences the spatial distribution, compo

The formulation of a practical conservation policy will involve a fuller consideration of human needs also. Conservation plans need to be so developed that they minimize restriction on the people of area.

It is clear that all cities face a common threat

Chief Judicial Magistrate, Bhopal

This video explains measures Japan took to prevent natural disasters.

The Bhopal gas leak disaster symbolises the failure of the legal system in general and the failure of the system to respond to the disaster in particular. The twenty years of engagement with the law and the justice system holds many lessons for the future. It is time for introspection and assessment.

This report focuses on the exchanges of livestock and poultry breeds and their genetic materials between developed countries (

This report examines greenhouse gas emissions at the global, national, sectoral, and fuel levels and identifies implications of the data for international cooperation on global climate change. Emissions are assessed within the broader socioeconomic context faced by countries, inclduing factors such as economic output, population size, trade, investment, and sectoral structure.

The rice-wheat annual double cropping system occupies an estimated 0.5 million hectares in Nepal where it provides food for about 23 million people. Current production levels of both rice and wheat are far below their reported potential with N-deficiency being the major production constraint.

This standard applies to commercial varieties of mangoes grown from Mangifera indica L., of the Anacardiaceae family, to be supplied fresh to the consumer, after preparation and packaging. Mangoes for industrial processing are excluded.