The research and development community faces the challenge of sustaining crop productivity gains, improving rural livelihoods, and securing environmental sustainability in the Indo-Gangetic Plains (IGP). This calls for a better understanding of farming systems and of rural livelihoods,

The India Energy Conclave 2007 would focus on the preparedness of the Indian energy sector to keep up with the rapidly growing Indian economy. It will focus on a wide range of topics of interest to stakeholders. It would cover both conventional and non-conventional energy and focus on policy, power, coal, gas and technology.

M/s. Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. (formerly known as "Vedanta Alumina Ltd.") has

PIL No 85 of 2007 filed by Awaz Foundation in the matter of the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000.

To regulate the safety of foods, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set tolerance levels, or maximum legal limits for pesticide residues on food commodities for sale in the U.S. EPA tolerances are based on a very conservative set of assumptions including that each pesticide is applied at the

CSE warns Delhi: time to breathe easy over, air pollution reaching critical levels again in city. We need to act fast to recover our right to clean air. Delhi will wake up this winter to more smog and pollution; more wheeze and asthma.

The Chairman, Standing Committee on Petroleum & Natural Gas (2007-08) having been authorised by the Committee to submit the Report on their behalf, present this Seventeenth Report on

The Economics of Nuclear Power examines the reasons behind the huge delays and cost over-runs which are common to nuclear power construction projects, and concerns over safety and reliability of new technology, concluding: that in country after country nuclear construction has gone massively over budget; that long construction periods are symptomatic of a range of problems including managing the construction of increasingly complex reactor designs, and inherent within the ailing nuclear infrastructure; that combined with the huge subsidies required, uncompetitively high prices, poor reliab

In recent years, the growing international trade in agricultural products has motivated farmers to pay close attention to pest quarantine problems and agrochemical residues in foods. Agrochemical residues in agricultural products are a major consumer health concern and can seriously damage trade between countries.

This report identifies scope for an integrated set of measures that could significantly increase the carbon savings from the UK transport sector, reducing transport emissions by 14% against 1990 baseline levels by 2020 in a cost-effective way. Key features of the approach are a focus on tackling either the largest or fastest growing areas of transport emissions and an