Predation by large carnivores on livestock and their retaliatory persecution by pastoralists is a worldwide conservation concern. Relatively poor understanding of the ecological and social underpinnings of this human-wildlife conflict hampers effective conflict management programs.

This briefing paper on pesticide contamination and food safety makes a strong case for formulating standards for food and drinks and revamping the pesticide regulatory framework in the country. It discusses the need for legally enforceable standards addresses the larger issue of institutional reform in the governance of food safety and standard setting.

The policy discourse on management of protected areas (PAs) has come a long way from purely conservationist strategies to participatory approaches. In between these two there is a wide range of options that combine different elements of resource sharing, market regulation and privatization.

On August 14, 2003, the Hon

Judgement of the Kerala High Court in the case of Perumatty Grama Panchayat vs State of Kerala dated 16/12/2003 (Coca-Cola groundwater exploitation case).

This report contains information on ownership, area type, structure, living facilities like electricity, drinking water, latrine, sewerage, drainage, garbage disposal, distance of the slum from nearest primary school and government hospital/health centre.

The NBSAP is a national framework to conserving and sustainable use of biodiversity, and equitable sharing of benefits derived from it. The guiding principles for the document are mainly the principles of the CBD.

In supercession of all earlier orders on the subject mentioned above, permission for installation of temporary structures on roof-tops of various premises for Cellular/Basic Mobile Phone Services shall be accorded on payment of one time permission charges of Rs.

In response to the direction issued by the Hon

Over the last decade, governments around the world pursued policies to involve the private sector in the delivery and financing of infrastructure services. The scale of this move away from the hitherto dominant public sector model was far more rapid than had been anticipated at the start of the 1990s.