Sustainable transport projects in general reduce GHG emissions. Such projects could thus qualify for the CDM and benefit from the sale of GHG offsets. This makes good projects economically
more attractive and reduces barriers towards their successful implementation. The CDM can constitute an important additional

At a meeting on 2 October 2006 the Council on Ethics for the Government Pension Fund

This report presents the information on nutritional intake by the Indian population. Among the different nutrients only three nutrients: viz. calorie, protein and fat - are discussed in this report. This report gives an idea about intake of these nutrients in different monthly per capita expenditure classes from different items of food.

Pesticide Sector comprises many processing units which adopt different technologies, equipments, unit process and unit operations for manufacturing various products. The manufacturing processes lead to generation of a wide spectrum of air pollutants, mainly inorganic hazardous air pollutants. Some of these pollutants are toxic, responsible for damage of materials and creation of malodour. Besides these hazardous air pollutants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) mainly solvents are generated as fugitive emissions.

Industry anxiously awaits implementation of Food Safety and Standards Act. Various features of the Act raise the hopes of the industry that inspector-raj will come to an end leading to speedy and fair resolution of cases and disputes. All FSSA activities under progress must be shared with the industries in view of the fact that they are expected to implement the Act.

The Western Ghats and Sri Lanka biodiversity hotspot, with its unique assemblages of plant and animal communities and endemic species, is globally important for conserving representative areas of the Earth

This report describes what climate change is, including how it is affecting the world live in and the timeframe within which these changes are expected to happen.

This study is concerned with the Dhamra port site in Bhadrak district, near the mouth of the Dhamra river, and surrounding areas. The proposed port site is a unique habitat in that it has long stretches of inter-tidal mudflats from the site up till the river mouth. The inter-tidal zone is in some places as wide as two kilometers, and serves as an important breeding ground for

This study reviews international experience with managing resource revenues in both developed and developing countries. The intent is to assess the scope for using benefit-sharing instruments to spread the benefits of mineral extraction across the economy and catalyze

This study was initiated in response to a recognition by Go0 and other stakeholders that environmental and social risks o f mineral-intensive growth are closely interlinked, and therefore, developing strategies to carefully manage and mitigate the harmful environmental effects is critical for enabling rapid, sustainable and inclusive growth in Orissa. The study aimed to support the growth