In draught prone area, there are two critical factors: water and soil. So in such areas main objective is to conserve the soil and conserve water. Once soil and water conserved, vegetative growth sustain easily. For the same to satisfy this objective economically and efficiently, Refilled Continuous Contour Trenching (RCCT)Technology is the solution for sustainable watershed development.

Then Finance minister P Chidambaram writes to the Prime Minister on issues raised in the Indo-US CEO forum, including Dow

Dow Chairman Andrew Liveris writes to India

The overall goal of this policy is to contribute to rural poverty reduction and environmental conservation by ensuring access to clean, reliable and appropriate energy in the rural areas. In order to achieve this goal, the

A Task Force on Mountain Ecosystems for Environment and Forests sector for the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-2011) was set up by the Planning Commission, Government of India. The mountain ecosystems in this report include all the geographical limits of Himalaya and North-eastern states within Indian territory, collectively termed as Indian Himalaya Region (IHR).

The eastern Indian state of Orissa will turn to a mass of barren and desert like lands in another 150 years, warned Water Initiatives Orissa (WIO). Many parts of Orissa, specifically the western and southern uplands, have developed symptoms of desertification; they have further degraded from drought prone to desert prone areas.

This report is about the harmful impacts caused by the insecticide endosulfan on human beings. Endosulfan is a harmful insecticide. It causes several health hazards in human beings.

Historically, there was contiguous forest all across the terai region of Nepal and tigers were distributed in high densities. The situation changed during early 1960s because the tiger habitat in the terai was drastically reduced as a result of human resettlement program. The destruction of habitat and fragmentation lead to the sharp decline in tiger population.

The focus of this policy lies in the concept of

This note presents the latest available data on GHG emissions and removals from Annex I Parties for the period 1990