This document provides information on emerging issues that may affect the future state of the environment. The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to issues in preparation for the next state of environment reporting cycle.

This paper presents the supply and demand trends of rice, wheat, total cereals, pulses, edible oil/oilseeds and sugar/sugarcane. It provides the demand and supply projections for food items during 2011, 2021 and 2026. These projections have been based on change in productivity levels, changes in price, growth of population and income growth. A comparison with projections provided by other scholars has also been made in this paper.

This study examines the utilization of iron ore in India. It takes into account the significant reserves of iron ore in India and allays fears that the country's steel industry will run out of iron ore resources if exports continue at the current level. On the contrary,it says that exports are necessary to maintain a structural balance in the market between production and consumption of lumps and fines as nearly 80% of exported ores are fines which are not adequately used in India. This study also highlights the specific problems of the Goa/Radi region.

Proper energy planning is essential for achieving energy security. Every country has to formulate its own policy to optimize the use of different energy sources for meeting the demands of its household, agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors. This necessitates an integrated and updated database of the production and consumption of different energy sources viz., coal, crude, petroleum, natural gas and electricity (hydro and nuclear). The present issue, "Energy Statistics 2007', is the 15th issue in the series.

A group of 53 sanitation and hygiene promotion practitioners met in Bangladesh from 29 to 31 January 2008 to mark the start of the International Year of Sanitation (IYS) by sharing and learning from their peers.

Climate affects the design, construction, safety, operations, and maintenance of transportation infrastructure and systems. The prospect of a changing climate raises critical questions regarding how alterations in temperature, precipitation, storm events, and other aspects of the climate could affect the nation's roads, airports, rail, transit systems, pipelines, ports, and waterways. Phase I of this regional assessment of climate change and its potential impacts on transportation systems addresses these questions for the region of the U.S.

This dossier is located within the context of increasing global discontent and community protest against interventions of International Financial Institutions (IFIs) in the developing world. It specifically presents a questioning and critique of their operations in tourism.

Alfred Brush Ford

Injustice continues to haunt the Narmada River Valley! The Narmada Valley projects comprise 30 large dams, 135 medium size dams, 3000 small dams and a minimum of 75,000 kms of canal networks to direct the waters.

Union Budget 2008-2009.