This special report does not seek to paint a comprehensive picture of the state of the oceans. It does not set out to recapitulate the many years of debate on ocean overfishing. WBGU concentrates instead on those key linkages between climate change and the oceans that are the topic of new scientific insights.These insights include new findings on warming, ocean currents, sea-level rise, carbon uptake and acidification, and on the impacts of these factors upon marine ecosystems.The report also discusses in detail the development of tropical cyclones, the issues surrounding carbon storage in the ocean or under the seabed, and the risks associated with methane hydrate deposits in the sea floor. Many of these issues are closely interlinked

World power and gas markets have a natural relationship with global tradable carbon permits markets, including the U.S.

Parthasarathy Committee has attempted an exhaustive review of the experience of the watershed programme in India.

This paper discusses both occupational health risks to workers and environmental health risks to residents and workers. Because worker exposure times are shorter than resident exposure times, some risks may be less for workers than for residents. On the other hand, contaminant levels to which workers are exposed can be significantly higher than those that reach residents, thus leading to increased risks for workers over residents.

The objectives of the Disaster Management Plan are to ensure that disaster management is organised to facilitate planning, preparedness, operational coordination and community participation.

The main aim of this Policy is establishing principles and guidelines on various aspects of Disaster Management and making the people increasingly resilient to disaster.

Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission has been launched by Govt. of India in the year 2005-2006 to carry out development of selected city.

Many people believe that nonmotorized modes (walking, cycling, and their variations) have an inferior right to use
public roads compared with motor vehicles. This reflects the belief that motor vehicles are more important to society

The CDP aims at developing Srinagar as major tourist city by addressing the issues of ecological preservation, economic growth, poverty, good governance, development of infrastructure, improve traffic and transportation and delivery of basic services to the urban poor through a consultative process of strategizing and visioning.