Africa's agricultural commodity exchanges, warehouse receipt systems and new standards

The report blends a diagnostic assessment of the situation of Commodity Exchanges and WRS in 15 countries, drawn from across the African Continent, and builds on the learnings from it, a holistic strategy for support by the Bank and its partners to Africa’s comex and WRS sector through packages of policy, investment and capacity-building measures. The Report is in two parts: Part One covers the diagnostic component. It appraises the status of the African comex and Warehouse Receipt System (WRS) sector, learning lessons from both the African and the wider international experience. Part One has three sections: Section One: Underlying Causes that Make Access to Markets More Difficult. Section Two: Performance Assessment of African and International Exchanges. Section Three: Lessons of Experience, including Drivers of Success and Failure.
Part Two proposes a strategic framework for the Bank and its partners to apply the lessons arising from the diagnostics stage through concrete sectoral promotion measures to be undertaken within a coherent framework of action for the promotion of agricultural market access as a lever for unlocking Africa’s agricultural transformation.