Draft document on revised CEPI (Comprehensive Environmental Pollution Index) version – 2015

The undersigned is directed to refer to CPCB document titled as “Criteria for Comprehensive Environmental Assessment of Industrial Clusters (No. EIAS/4/2009/10)” vide with the concept of CEPI (Comprehensive Environmental Pollution) was introduced for comprehensive environmental assessment of industrial clusters. CPCB in collaboration with IIT, Delhi had carried out comprehensive assessment of 88 prominent industrial clusters during 2009-10 based on this concept. Out of identified 88 prominent industrial clusters, 43 industrial clusters in 16 States having CEPI score of 70 and above are identified as Critically Polluted Industrial Clusters. The present methodology on evaluation of CEPI score has been a matter of discussion at various occasions including during the national level conferences as well as regular meeting with SPCBs and other stake-holders. It was realized that Factors B2, B3, C1 and C3 of the existing CEPI concept require reliable health impact studies on humans, flora and fauna. After careful examination and consideration of the suggestions of concerned stake-holders, it is decided to prepare the revised concept of CEPI by eliminating the subjective factors but retaining the factors which can be measured precisely. The `draft document on revised CEPI version – 2015’ has been prepared.