The Government of Gujarat has envisaged specific policy initiatives for industrial minerals occurring in the state to attract investment in the fields mineral exploration, exploitation, and mineral-based industries. It is intended to create competitive environment to speed up industrial
development in mineral potential area by enhancement of Human

Mercury distribution in the environment has been a focus of scientific attention because of the potential health risks posed by mercury exposure.

This is a report on the status of the implementation of the Supreme Court orders on preventing truck traffic from entering Delhi that are not destined for loading or offloading in the city. The Hon

Background of the study is the multi-State India Eco-development Project sponsored by IDA/GEF at the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala, one of the seven Protected Areas (PAs) with the central objective of conserving biodiversity in and around PAs over 5 years (1996-97 to 2000-2001).

Supreme court order on permit fresh registration of 5000 (five thousand) new Auto Rickshaws on CNG/LPG mode.

Supreme court order on issue of fresh permits for registration of new Three Wheel Scooter rickshaws (TSRs) in the NCT of Delhi.

This Act aims to provide for better protection of the interests of consumers and for that purpose to make provision for the establishment of consumer councils and other authorities for the settlement of consum­ers' disputes and for matters connected therewith.

India is the second largest producer of vegetables after China, and accounts for 13.4% of world production. Surveys carried out by institutions spread throughout the country indicate that 50-70% of vegetables are contaminated with insecticide residues.

The city of Bhopal, in Madhya Pradesh, central India, suffered the world

Greenhouse gas emissions from developing countries will likely surpass those from developed countries within the first half of this century, highlighting the need for developing country efforts to reduce the risk of climate change. While developing nations have been reluctant to accept binding emissions targets,