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Governing Climate and Sustainable Development
Mukul Sanwal
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Governing Climate and Sustainable Development

Mukul Sanwal has served in various policy positions in the Government of India and represented India as a principal negotiator at the UNCED, Agenda 21, Rio Declaration and the Climate Change Treaty. He joined the United Nations as a policy adviser to the Executive Director of the UNEP in 1993 and later moved in the same position to the UNFCCC Secretariat, where he served till 2007. He was closely associated with the organization of the negotiations leading to the Kyoto Protocol (1997) and the World Summit on Sustainable Development (2002). His current research interests center around governance of sustainable development, climate policy analysis, strategies for institutional reform in the UN, innovative means to support international cooperation, and the development of partnerships between governments, private sector and local communities for environmentally sustainable economic growth. He has published extensively on sustainable development, global environmental management and environmental law.


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