05 Jul 2011

By Nityanand Jayaraman


21 May 2011

‘We want free parking…..’ is the petulant tantrum of the rich in Delhi. Read this news…The trader association of one of the most happening, and upmarket area in Delhi – Khan Market has moved the High Court to oppose the orders of the Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority to charge for parking.

14 Apr 2011

If you believe the financial press, one of the biggest environmental stories this past year has been the question of "go" and "no go" areas for coal mining.

23 Mar 2011

The severe quake that hit Japan earlier this month and the devastating tsunami that followed it were unfortunate. These two events triggered a series of explosions at Fukushima Daiichi and a few other nuclear power installations. The Dept.

09 Feb 2011

One of the major events organized by the Ministry of Urban Development is the Urban Mobility Conference held in New Delhi in the first week of December each year. The theme of the latest conference held on 3rd, 4th and 5th of December 2010 at the Grand Hotel, New Delhi was “Sustainable Urban Transport: Accessibility and Inclusive Cities”.

17 Dec 2010

The time has come to develop a national consensus, define the national position and determine red lines for future negotiations, otherwise we risk endangering our future growth prospects.

16 Dec 2010

For multiple reasons, the winters are the worst in Delhi, India - harsh winters, limited air movement, and restraining meteorological conditions worsen the already topped out air pollution problem.

11 Dec 2010

On my last couple of days in Cancun, while vestiges of the sense of despondency and low achievement of the initial days remain, Indian environment minister Jairam Ramesh's impromptu statement on "binding commitments" and "appropriate legal form" has jerked many pundits -- especially those from the subcontinent -- up.

07 Dec 2010

How does the UNFCCC select its various locations for its annual climate change meets? What I am hinting at is, why Cancun? Why, for that matter, Copenhagen, Poznan or Bali? I have been told that cities vie for the honour, just like a sporting event such as the Olympics or the Asiad, and pay for it.