04 Nov 2015

The developing countries must take the lead just as they have done in the transformation to sustainable development


Mukul Sanwal[1]

07 Sep 2015


What countries will do at the national level is less important than the nature and scope of international cooperation




30 Jul 2015

Technical examination and periodic assessmentswith respect to “fairness” and “ambition” are at the heart of the climate regime and involve important trade-offs; even in the Convention, negotiated twenty four years ago, in 1992, assessment and review (Article 10) was the very last item to be agreed.


25 Jun 2015

The Pope has said he hopes the document, entitled LautadoSii (Praised be),’On Care for Our Common Home’, will influence the UN conference on climate change in Paris this year. Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon praised the moral leadership being demonstrated by Pope Francis, also hoping that this leadership will prove influential, if not decisive, in the upcoming Paris climate talks in November this year.


30 Apr 2015

Moving sustainability from ideas to reality and regaining the leadership of developing countries




06 Feb 2015

Moving from emission reductions to energy use as the basis for international cooperation must now shape our approach to the climate negotiations


05 Nov 2014

Mukul Sanwal[1]


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has now unequivocally stated that “the evidence suggests that outcomes seen as equitable can lead to more effective [international] cooperation”.