This technique of making and preserving manuscripts has survived over a thousand years in several districts of Himachal Pradesh.

Industry s impact on Baddi may soon be repeated across Himachal

Renuka lake, named after the Goddess Renuka ji, the mother of Lord Parashuram, is situated near Dadahu in Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh. Since years, it has been receiving silt and debris from 22 nallas, which are all around the catchment of the lake, which is causing ecological deterioration, habitat degradation and eutrification, etc.

As focus on hydroelectric power is restored, nhpc braces itself to unleash its full potential as the nodal hydel body in the country

Problem: Terrain forbids water supply systems that work in plains; Status: Water crisis in peak season every year; Challenge: Develop decentralised water supply systems

Problem: Lack of space for garbage disposal; inadequate sewerage; Status: Garbage disposed on hill slopes ends in streams/rivers; Challenge: Introduce decentralised technologies for wast

Problem: Tall buildings risky in high seismic zones; Status: Hill stations are getting concretised and growing vertically; Challenge: Use local construction material; regulate traffic

Planners must stop looking down at hill stations

Problem: Tourist influx too large; earnings flow downhill; Status: Residents forced to share meagre facilities with tourists; Challenge: Regulate tourist flow; channelise funds for devel


Problem: Terrain forbids sprawl as in cities in the plains; Status: Alarming population density people per sq km ; Challenge: Policy question is: decongest, but how?