Daily roundup by CSE and Down to Earth @COP27 by Avantika Goswami and Rohini Krishnamurthy, November 7, 2022

• In early August, indigenous artists from the Australian state of Queensland collaborated in an exhibition. They wove thousands of metres of discarded fishing nets into sculptures. Much marine life gets trapped in these nets. • Switzerland

THERE are some pathogens that disguise themselves and prevent detection by the host

FORTY-FOUR people died of Japanese encephalitis, a viral infection, at the Assam Medical College Hospital in Dibrugarh on July 28. The same day another 68 patients suffering from the viral disease were admitted to the hospital that receives patients from across the state. T R Borborah, principal of the medical college, confirmed the deaths. Health officials in Assam said the disease has

ON AUGUST 8, a stretch of National Highway (NH)-33 caved in due to an underground coal fire. The road connects Ranchi in Jharkhand with Bihar

FAT in the liver is the new marker for obesity-related complications such as diabetes, heart diseases and strokes. People trying to reduce belly fat to avoid these diseases will have to rethink their lifestyle. The finding is good news for metabolic scientists who have hypothesized for long that liver fat is the most important metabolic disruptor of the body but there were

THE United States Environment Protection Agency has a four-day testing period to evaluate a pesticide

WILDLIFE conservationists use the crite - rion of species diversity to identify areas that must be protected. Ecologists and zoologists from the Universidade Federal de Goi

the association of physicians in India has decided to raise Rs 1 crore through endorsements this financial year. The decision comes a year after the Indian Medical Association, or ima, faced flak for endorsing food products. When ima had endorsed PepsiCo

Waves and ripples at a distance. A promise of relief for the parched throat. A herd of camels splash and spill water under their hoofs. We reached them after a long drive. But there was not a drop of water. The camels hesitated a moment, then continued their trudge. At some distance, again water splashed under their hooves. A lakeshore. Waves were playing tender music. Some animals,